Write for British Civil Wars

Write for British Civil Wars

Anyone can write for the blog, all we ask is that it is relevant to the period and is a contribution to our understanding of the civil wars involving British people. Any relevant content will be welcomed.

What to write for British Civil Wars

The primary topic of is civil wars involving British people since the union of the crowns in 1603. We take a broad view of that, anything potentially relevant to that is likely to be accepted. This could include an analysis of the causes of a civil war, an overview of what happened, a biography of a key person, an account of a key event, or some other facet of history from the period.

If in doubt have a browse and see what has already been published. If that doesn’t help enough then please ask (see form below).

What we want is:

  • your own work, we cannot publish anything that has been plagiarised
  • work that shows its references and sources (so that others can go find out more if they are interested, and to acknowledge where you have built on the work of others)

How to write for British Civil Wars

There are two options for members to get material on the blog.

1. If you are happy to use wordpress you can have an account as a contributor, which allows you to draft the post yourself and it will be reviewed before it is published (so we can tidy up formatting, add links, tags and pictures).

2. You can contact us to put the material online for you. I’ll automatically create a contributor account for people so that the posts have the correct author attribution, but you don’t need to login and write your own if you don’t want to.